Two gays in a public place

Gay Violations - 10
Two dudes going at it in a public place. Bad Directions. Seems like nowadays no good deed goes unpunished. This is the case for this skater dude giving some gay douche the right point of directions as their buddy runs up and pulls homeboys pants down! Looks like some now is gonna get their ass kicked.

Gay heat on the streets

Gay Violations - 13
Gay heat on the streets. 3rd Floor Please. Think twice before you take an elevator with three other dudes. Public fappers are every where and they WILL cum on you! I hope no one points out the man juice spluged all over his back…

Gay caught rubbing one out

Gay Violations - 5
Gay guy caught rubbing one out. Body Buffer Blues. We’ve known workout trainer Micah for about a year. He says he’s straight but for sure he seems a bit gay. I see him checking dudes out at the gym and masturbating to them in the bathrooms. Sick fuck. This time we decided to catch him in the act of his filthy nasty boy habbits…

Caught Red Handed

Gay Violations - 25
Jogger’s cock liberated for you to see! Caught Red Handed. The owner of this press shop was takine video of his place of business for the insurance company. As he’s video taping he walks into a man to man ass pounding frenzy between the manager and one of the employess. Lol, their reactions are fucking priceless!

Bro riding cock on the beach

Gay Violations - 11
Bro riding cock on the beach. Didlo Bandit. To pull off a successfully prank you have to do 3 things choose your victim, create a diversion and go all out.Just like my homboy the dildo bandit smacking dude with big black dildos that have been up his ass!

Guys suck each other

Gay Violations - 17
Guys suck each other off hard.

Stud gets assfucked

Gay Violations - 16
Stud gets assfucked in stairway!

Dude jerks off in the toilet

Gay Violations - 30
Dude jerks off another dude in the toilet

Gay sex on the beach

Gay Violations - 27
Bro riding cock on the beach

Gay dudes

Gay Violations - 6
Gay dudes exchanging bones on the stairs